The best pro-bono platform for global investment and immigration.

We are a pro-bono platform that facilitates global investment, immigration and visas, as well as connecting the world's most renowned investment banks, tax consultants and attorneys.

AAGLOBALV stands as a beacon of philanthropy, dedicated to fostering a seamless exchange of international investment and immigration wisdom. Our altruistic mission places a special emphasis on providing pro bono information and guidance services to a diverse array of groups, ranging from entrepreneurs and vibrant student communities to esteemed visiting scholars and their cherished families, as well as first-time work visa aspirants and those navigating the intricate landscape of U.S. immigration. We also train foreign attorneys and educational agencies who need in-depth immigration knowledge.


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  • Global Immigration Comparison and Training
  • Investment Based Immigration Planning
  • Corporate Incorporation and Business Start Up
  • Real Estate Site Selection and Tour
  • Investment Related Translation and Notarization
March 28, 2024

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